There are several great ways to get involved with Second Stork


Organize a Group to Sort and Pack

At the core of Second Stork is a unique package containing diapers, wipes and other items critical to the health, safety and care of a newborn in the first few weeks. Second Stork relies on volunteers to help package these bundles of supplies. It can be a perfect team-building exercise for your school, corporate or community organization. In as little as 90 minutes, your group can make a difference in the lives of new families in need. Packing events are held at the Second Stork warehouse where your group will be shown an orientation video before you get started — and you can bring your own music and refreshments!

Hold a collection drive – yes, please!

One way your volunteer efforts can make a big difference is to organize your own collection drive for newborn clothing and receiving blankets that are used to create the custom Second Stork layette packs given by hospitals to a family with new newborn clothing for their infant.  Local schools, churches, companies or clubs have held their own collection drives for items to then be donated to Second Stork. Individuals have also hosted parties at their homes or at our warehouse where they asked guests to simply bring one item for SECOND STORK. Please be sure to email us at for our current list of items that are need.

Deliver to a hospital and see them smile!

Second Stork relies on volunteers to deliver to Minnesota hospitals. If you travel to parts of the state that can help get our supplies to hospitals in that area, we’d love to have you as one of our volunteers. You will be able to enjoy firsthand the smiles of the nurses and social workers who so dearly appreciate these supplies.

Throw around boxes, pack trucks and other cool warehouse work

Yes, a few times a year we just need capable bodies to move “stuff” for a couple of hours. A perfect activity for community service hours or team-building for youth groups, sports teams, energetic senior groups and others. LIKE us on FACEBOOK and we will keep you posted on these dates and times throughout the year.


If you are interested in any of the above ways to get involved, email us at –