Second Stork has a dedicated board of directors which continues to include several of the original founders of Second Stork along with talented and dedicated professionals across the Twin Cities.

If you are interested in possibly starting something similar to Second Stork in your community, click here (pdf file, opens in new window) to read some of the commonly asked questions that we receive about starting a similar non-profit organization.  Want more info?  Email us at [email protected]

Deb O’Halloran
Board President and Co-Founder

Thomas D. Tack
Board Vice President

Tom Johnson
Board Treasurer

Matthew Michalski
Board Member and Co-Founder

Jen Hipp
Board Member

Erin Schneeman
Board Member and Hospital Coordinator

Ann Hilger
Board Member

Lance Bonner
Board Treasurer

Lisa Gallatin
Board Member and Surplus Coordinator